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From Latin, from Ancient Greek ἀντιστροφή ‎(antistrophḗ, turning about).


antistrophe ‎(plural antistrophes)

Examples (repetition of words in reverse order)

the master of the servant and the servant of the master.

  1. In Greek choruses and dances, the returning of the chorus, exactly answering to a previous strophe or movement from right to left. Hence: The lines of this part of the choral song.
  2. (rhetoric) The repetition of words in an inverse order.
  3. (rhetoric) The repetition of a word or phrase at the end of successive clauses
  4. The retort or turning of an adversary's plea against him.

Related terms[edit]

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antistrophē f ‎(genitive antistrophēs); first declension

  1. antistrophe


First declension, Greek type.

Number Singular Plural
nominative antistrophē antistrophae
genitive antistrophēs antistrophārum
dative antistrophae antistrophīs
accusative antistrophēn antistrophās
ablative antistrophē antistrophīs
vocative antistrophē antistrophae