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Borrowed from Spanish barrio, that from Arabic بَرِّيّ(barriyy, wild).


barrio (plural barrios)

  1. (in Venezuela or the Dominican Republic) A slum on the periphery of a major city; a low to middle-class neighborhood in a lesser city.
  2. (in some Spanish-speaking countries) A municipality or subdivision of a municipality.
  3. (in the Philippines) A barangay.
    • 2008, Resil B. Mojares, Beast in the Fields, Gémino H. Abad (editor), Upon Our Own Ground: Filipino short stories in English: 1956 to 1972, page 413,
      In the barrio, they talked excitedly about the wood-gatherer's discovery. There was so much pushing and quibbling over details that by the time the barrio had organized itself to set out for Salug to investigate, dusk had already fallen.
  4. (informal, US) An area or neighborhood in a US city inhabited predominantly by Spanish-speakers or people of Hispanic origin.
    • 1993, Diego Vigil, The Established Gang, Scott Cummings, Daniel J. Monti (editors), Gangs: The Origins and Impact of Contemporary Youth Gangs in the United States, page 98,
      After World War II, its prospering working-class white residents moved to other, more upscale suburban developments, and by the 1950s the area had become an isolated ethnic enclave with its own barrio gang.

Classical Nahuatl[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Spanish barrio.



  1. A district of an altepetl.


  • Lockhart, James. (2001) Nahuatl as Written, Stanford University Press, p. 211.



From Andalusian Arabic بَرِّيّ(barriyy, exterior), referring to the outer, surrounding or less civilized or urbanized parts of a city, from classical Arabic بَرِّيّ(barriyy, wild). Compare Portuguese bairro, Catalan barri.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbarjo/, [ˈba.rjo]


barrio m (plural barrios)

  1. neighbourhood
    Synonym: vecindario
    un barrio de clase mediaa middle-class neighborhood
  2. (Mexico) any neighbourhood of the original or ancient part of a city (usually excluding new growths after 30s, 40s or 50s, depending on the state or city)
  3. (Venezuela, Dominican Republic) slum

Usage notes[edit]

  • In Mexico it has postal value and is obligatory (or else the colonia or fraccionamiento is), alongside the postal code.

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


  • Cebuano: baryo
  • Classical Nahuatl: barrio
  • English: barrio
  • Maranao: bariyo

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