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A wooden boomerang



From Dharug bumariny.


boomerang ‎(plural boomerangs)

  1. A flat curved airfoil, that spins about an axis perpendicular to the direction of flight, that was originally used in various parts of the world as hunting weapons or, in returnable types, for sports or training.
    • 1884, Andrew Lang, Star Myths in Custom and Myth,
      Some resemblance to terrestrial things, it is true, everyone can behold in the heavens. Corona, for example, is like a crown, or, as the Australian black fellows know, it is like a boomerang, and we can understand why they give it the name of that curious curved missile.
    • 1897, Warren Bert Kimberly, History of West Australia,
      With boomerang and spear they hunted the kangaroo and emu, and fought their battles beneath the eucalyptus forests; their minds, fresh, untroubled, contented, oblivious alike of noble ideals and philosophic principles.
    • 1961, Charlie Drake, song, My Boomerang Won't Come Back,
      "Don't worry, boy, I know the trick, / And to you I'm gonna show it. / If you want your boomerang to come back, / Well first you've got to... throw it."
  2. A breakdancing move in which the performer walks on his or her hands while keeping the legs raised off the ground.



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boomerang ‎(third-person singular simple present boomerangs, present participle boomeranging, simple past and past participle boomeranged)

  1. To return to the starting point.
  2. To travel in a curved path.
  3. To return or rebound unexpectedly, especially when the result is undesired; to backfire.
    • 1882 March 7, Arthur Conan Doyle, The Stark Munro Letters,
      "Well, there must be some flaw about this," I suggested. "If your magnet is so strong as all that, you would have your own broadside boomeranging back upon you."
    • 1899 November, "Showin' Off" in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Volume 99, Number 594,
      "Oh," they yelled, "you could, eh? Well, let's see you do it, then! Let's see you do it! Let's see you do it! Now!" In a moment the crew of little spectators were gibing at Horace. The blow that would make Jimmie's humiliation complete! Instead, it had boomeranged Horace into the mud.
    • 1985 February 2, Ronald Reagan, Presidential Radio Address,
      Our future economic success depends on the economy growing faster than government spending. That's why raising taxes would boomerang. Economic growth would slow, revenues would decline, and the budget deficit would swell.

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From English boomerang


boomerang c ‎(definite singular boomerangen, indefinite plural boomeranger, definite plural boomerangerne)

  1. a boomerang



boomerang m ‎(plural boomerangs)

  1. boomerang

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