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A borrowing from Middle Low German brūn or Middle Dutch bruun or From an East Frisian word (compare Saterland Frisian bruun (brown)). This term was probably introduced in the 15th century, together with brown-colored clothes, very appreciated at the time. It is, however, not mentioned in dictionaries until the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century (some sources claim that brown-colored clothes were not frequent in Latvia until the 18th century). Previously, the notion of brown color was expressed only with ruds (for hair, eyes) and bērs (for horses).[1]





brūns (def. brūnais, comp. brūnāks, sup. visbrūnākais; adv. brūni)

  1. brown (having the color of, e.g., chocolate, or of the ground coffee)
    tumši, gaiši brūnsdark, light brown
    brūns galdsbrown table
    brūni matibrown hair
    brūnas acisbrown eyes
    brūna krāsabrown color
    brūnais lācisbrown bear
    saulē iedegusi, brūna sejasun-tanned, brown face



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