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A 13th-century borrowing from Old East Slavic краса ‎(krasa, beauty, splendor) (compare Russian краса ‎(krasá)), which comes from Proto-Indo-European *ker- ‎(to burn, to glow) (whence also Latvian karsts). Initially used in the Eastern regions, this word only penetrated further into the language in the 18th century, at first with the meaning “healthy, pretty facial color.” At the beginning of the 19th century, under the influence of Russian краска ‎(color, paint), it acquired the sense “(natural) color of an object.”. In the second half of the 19th century, the meaning of krāsa was broadened, in order to replace the Germanism pērve, perve ‎(paint) (still attested in dialects).[1]




krāsa f (4th declension)

  1. color (visible light of a certain wavelength)
    balta, melna, sarkana krāsa — white, black, red color
    spilgta, spoža krāsa — bright color
    auksta, silta krāsa — cold, warm color
    krāsas piesātinātība — color saturation
    krāsu gammacolor range, set
    krāsu redzecolor vision
    krāsu aklumscolor blindness
    krāsu televīzijacolor television
  2. color (visible feature of a surface or object caused by reflected light)
    auduma krāsa — fabric color
    ziedu krāsa — flower color
    āda krāsa — skin color
    bez krāsas (= bāls) — without color' (= pale)
  3. paint, ink (substance applied to an object or surface to give it a certain color)
    tipogrāfijas krāsa — printing ink
    krāsu kārbacolor box
    eļļas krāsa — oil paint, color
    emaljas krāsa — enamel paint
    krāsu paletecolor palette
    akvareļa (= ūdens) krāsa — watercolor paint
    uzlikt, uzklāt krāsu — to apply paint
    jaukt, atšķaidīt krāsas — to mix, dilute colors
    notīrīt veco krāsu — to remove old paint
  4. colors (a colored symbol representing a country, an organization, a sports team)
    aizstāvēt savas sportistu komanadas krāsas — to defend the colors of one's sports team
    emblēma valsts krāsās — an emblem in the national colors



  • (dialectal, archaic) perve

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