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A "Wikipedian protester" holding a "[citation needed]" sign, from a Cambridge, Mass. xkcd picnic, held 23 September 2007. Inspired by this xkcd comic.


citation needed

  1. (Internet slang, Wiktionary and WMF jargon) A portion of a wiki needs to be validated by a source.
  2. (Internet slang, by extension, chiefly humorous) A portion of text, a statement in a video, or any other item published on the Internet may be false or inaccurate.
    Hemant Mehta, "Atheists, there is PROOF of Heaven!" December 4, 2013 , (retrieved February 6, 2017) You know, every time I hear their stories [of having a near-death experience ] I just want to say "citation needed", because all the stuff they're saying, the only people who believe it happen to be the ones in their circles.