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confix (plural confixes)

  1. (linguistics) An affix consisting of a prefix and suffix affixed simultaneously to the root
    • 2005, Elizabeth Zeitoun, “Tsou”, in The Austronesian Languages of Asia and Madagascar[1], page 265:
      As is demonstrated by m-as-ku, tens are derived from the confix m- ... -hu.
  2. (linguistics, rare) An affix which is not divided, and which does not divide a root: thus, a prefix, suffix, or interfix
    • 1982, Igor Aleksandrovič Melʹčuk & Philip Luelsdorff, Towards a Language of Linguistics, page 84:
      22. A PREFIX: a confix which precedes a root.


Coordinate terms[edit]


confix (third-person singular simple present confixes, present participle confixing, simple past and past participle confixed)

  1. (obsolete) To make firm; to fix in a particular place or state
    • a. 1623, William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure:
      But Tuesday night last gone in's garden-house / He knew me as a wife. As this is true, / Let me in safety raise me from my knees; / Or else for ever be confixed here, / A marble monument!