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inter- +‎ fix


  • Hyphenation: in‧ter‧fix


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interfix (plural interfixes)

  1. (linguistic morphology) An empty morph (meaningless morph) inserted between two morphemes in the process of word formation, such as English -i- and -o-.
    • 2004, Francis Katamba, Morphology: Critical Concepts in Linguistics[1], →ISBN, page 187:
      An empty morph is an interfix if it fulfills all of the following three conditions (Dressier, 1985f).
  2. (linguistic morphology) A transfix.
  3. (computing, information retrieval, dated) An association link, a device to group multiple words or concepts.
    • 1959, Frank S. Wagner, Jr., A Dictionary of Documentation Terms, page 19:
      LOCANT, n. A number used in the Dyson cipher system for coding the position of substituents of carbon chain, i.e. an interfix.

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interfix (third-person singular simple present interfixes, present participle interfixing, simple past and past participle interfixed)

  1. (engineering, transitive) To attach or anchor (two or more parts) together.
    • 1932, Elmer G. Koch, "Collar Fastener", United States Patent 1915250 [2], page 2:
      Generally speaking the article is formed of two pieces which are interfixed for providing a pair of spring urged jaws...
  2. (linguistic morphology, transitive) To insert (an interfix) between two morphemes.
    • 2001, Wolfgang U. Dressler et al., “The Processing of interfixed German compounds”, in Yearbook of Morphology 1999[3], →ISBN, page 185:
      Our goal in the construction of this task was to isolate and highlight the relationship between the interfixed and free forms of the initial constituent.

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interfix m inan

  1. interfix


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