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Uncertain. Various theories include:



cunnus m (genitive cunnī); second declension

  1. woman
    • 40/41 CE, Horatius, Sermones, I, 3, 107:
      nam fuit ante Helenam cunnus taeterrima bellī
      causa, sed ignōtis periērunt mortibus illī,
      quōs vēnerem incertam rapientis mōre ferārum
      viribus ēditior caedēbat ut in grege taurus.
      For before Helen's time there existed [many] a woman who was the dismal cause of war: but those fell by unknown deaths, whom pursuing uncertain venery, as the bull in the herd, the strongest slew.
  2. (vulgar) cunt, cunny (obscene word for the vulva)
  3. (vulgar) female genitalia, pubic hair


Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative cunnus cunnī
Genitive cunnī cunnōrum
Dative cunnō cunnīs
Accusative cunnum cunnōs
Ablative cunnō cunnīs
Vocative cunne cunnī


  • Asturian: coñu
  • Catalan: cony
  • Dalmatian: con
  • Galician: cona
  • French: con
  • Italian: conno
  • Neapolitan: cunnu
  • Occitan: con
  • Portuguese: cona
  • Sicilian: cunnu
  • Spanish: coño
  • Czech: kunda
  • Slovak: kunda
  • Hungarian: cuni, cunci
  • Welsh: cont

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