dar conta

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dar conta

  1. (formal in Brazil) (ditransitive, with the indirect object taking de) to give [someone] notice [of something], to give account, to inform
    Vim dar conta de uma série de novas iniciativas que surgiram espontaneamente nas comunidades locais.
    I have come here to report a series of new initiatives that emerged spontaneously in the local communities.
    Ficaste de cuidar das crianças, agora tu que tens de dar conta delas.
    You were put in charge of watching the children, now it is you who must account for them.
  2. (takes a reflexive pronoun, transitive with de) to realize, to notice
    Escuta passos atrás de si, mas só tem tempo de se dar conta de que alguém a está seguindo.
    She hears steps behind her, but only has time to register the fact that someone is following her.
  3. (transitive with de) to be sufficient or adequate [for something], to be able to handle, e.g. dar conta do recado (to do the trick).
    Dás conta deste serviço?
    Can you handle this job?
    1. (by extension) to endure, to suffer through.
      Ela não dava mais conta da pressão, um dia, ela surtou.
      She could not handle the pressure any more, one day she just lost it.

Related terms[edit]