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dark +‎ side

Alternative forms[edit]


darkside (countable and uncountable, plural darksides)

  1. Synonym of nightside
    • 1949, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - Volume 1, page 100:
      Terraport would be in darkside now, and her great lights would be fused into a single tiny eye winking mockery at him — if he chose to slide back his porthole screen.
    • 1963, Engineering Problems of Manned Interplanetary Exploration, page 78:
      The vehicle, in an equatorial orbit of 300 nautical miles, has a period of 2.1 hours establishing 0.7 hours of darkside operation and 1.4 hours of sunlight operation.
    • 1967, Siegfried Fred Singer, Physics of the moon:
      Thus a careful comparison of darkside and eclipse infrared mapping may show differences which, in the case of the rock hypothesis, could be due to variations in the size distribution.
    • 1989, Modeling and Characterization of the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) Nonscanner and Scanner Sensors:
      NOAA-lO is a terminator orbital satellite which leads WFOVSW channel to only a few days of darkside data in a whole year.
    • 2014, Mary Jane Engh, Wheel of the Winds, →ISBN:
      But that air was at its coldest— aphelion wasthe chilliest season everywhere on this chill and temperate world—and the mountains of that limb were lower. Currents of darkside air would begin to flow through the low passes into the relative warmth...
  2. The side that is in darkness, unlit, or having lesser illumination
    • 1985, Martin Caidin, Killer Station, →ISBN, page 299:
      She would have perhaps ten more minutes in darkside. The earth itself was a massive radiation shield between the station and the sun, and she would be perfectly safe.
    • 1987, DJ Bents, “High temperature solid oxide regenerative fuel cell for solar photovoltaic energy storage”, in NASA Technical Reports Server:
      The system functions as a secondary battery and is applicable to darkside energy storage for solar photovoltaics.
    • 2005, P Chandrasekhar, BJ Zay, D Ross, T McQueeney, GC Birur, T Swanson, L Kauder, & D Douglas, Far-IR-through-visible electrochromics based on conducting polymers for spacecraft thermal control and military uses, →ISBN:
      The spacecraft requirement stems from the need for spacecraft to conserve heat, and thus battery power, when not exposed to sunlight ("darkside"), to reflect heat when facing the Sun, and, on occasion, to emit excess heat on the darkside.
  3. The side that is evil, metaphorically dark
    • 2003, Mattias Gardell, Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism, →ISBN, page 165:
      The emerging phenomena of darkside heathens combining occult Asatrú with ariosophic Satanism will be presented in chapter 7.
    • 2004, Philip LaVoie, Nightmare Puzzle, →ISBN:
      And so I'd ask myself, why indeed dwell into to darkside of literature? Does it make me happy to figure out new ways to cause people's death?
    • 2007, L. A. Banks, The Cursed, →ISBN, page 336:
      “People, the darkside already knows who we are, so it's not like we're blowing our cover, they just can't pinpoint us at any given time.
    • 2010, Brad Steiger, Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside, →ISBN:
      They are only creatures born some where in the darkside of a writer's psyche.
    • 2011, Peter R. Farley, Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? Volume 7, →ISBN:
      Of course our teachers in this lifetime have all been mainly from the darkside so it has been easy to propagate these lies. If nothing else, the first six volumes of this work should show us all just how much we have been duped and that just about everything we think we know or believe is a lie.
  4. The side that is undesirable, distressing, metaphorically dark
    • 1989, Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, page 111:
      Delving into the darkside of clients' lives has pulled me toward an exploration of the merging process which often develops within the therapeutic relationship.
    • 2010, Mauricio Mazón, The Zoot-Suit Riots: The Psychology of Symbolic Annihilation, →ISBN, page 54:
      The fact that the ACLU report omitted reference to this colossal event suggests that lesser transgressions were similarly repressed in a collective effort to avoid the darkside of the American psyche.
    • 2012, Harlan Ellison, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, →ISBN:
      This was the dream, that same damned recurrent dream, never quite the same dream — but on the same subject, night after night, chapter after chapter of the same story: as if he had bought a book of horror stories; they would all be on one theme, but told differently; that was the way with this string of darkside visions.
  5. Synonym of farside
    • 1977 January, NF Ness, “The magnetic field of”, in Highlights of Astronomy, volume 4, number 1:
      Also shown at the bottom is the trajectory during the first encounter on 29 March 1974, which was a darkside pass with a closest approach distance from the surface of 723 km.
    • 2002, Carl Rafala, Wildflower, →ISBN, page 2:
      On the lighter side, Cassini should be coming out of darkside soon and run smack-dab into the distress siren.
    • 2011, Barry N. Malzberg, The Falling Astronauts, →ISBN:
      He did not give a damn; he had his own problems and considerations and, besides, the BUTTON and he would settle this once and ror all on the fifth go-round and then he would press the BUTTON, on the darkside, let them sweat out this one and think they were getting through to him and the two of them would head back for Earth and a generation of peace and celebration.
  6. A style of electronic music (a branch of hardcore) characterized by discordant sounds.
    • 1994, Colin Larkin, The Guinness who's who of rap, dance & techno, →ISBN, page 304:
      The label closely observed the shifts in techno during the 90s, being a staple source of 'darkside' hardcore in 1992.
    • 2003 May 6, Alex Nikolaenko Jr., “What is a jungle?”, in fido7.ru.music.drum-bass, Usenet:
      1993 was the year that hardcore began to get more varied with different styles being made. One style known as "darkness" or "darkside" used less pianos and more darker sounding chords.
    • 2007, The Wire - Volumes 281-286, page 106:
      ...the track lurched to a sudden halt and -- in a moment that still takes my breath away when I listen to it now --- a brief snatch of the spidery, abstract electronics instantly recognisable from the Japan record leapt into the chasm, before being immediately consumed by viscous bass ooze and the synthetic screeches that were the sonic signatures of darkside Jungle.

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