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  1. first-person singular, second-person singular and third-person singular present subjunctive of dire
  2. third-person singular imperative of dire





  1. second-person singular present active imperative of dicō


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    • (ambiguous) so to speak (used to modify a figurative expression): ut ita dicam
    • (ambiguous) not to mention..: ut non (nihil) dicam de...
    • (ambiguous) to say nothing further on..: ut plura non dicam
    • (ambiguous) not to say... (used in avoiding a stronger expression): ne dicam
    • (ambiguous) to say the least..: ne (quid) gravius dicam
    • (ambiguous) to put it briefly: ut breviter dicam
    • (ambiguous) to use the mildest expression: ut levissime dicam (opp. ut gravissimo verbo utar)
    • (ambiguous) to express myself more plainly: ut planius dicam
    • (ambiguous) to put it more exactly: ut verius dicam
    • (ambiguous) to say once for all: ut semel or in perpetuum dicam
    • (ambiguous) I will give you my true opinion: dicam quod sentio
    • (ambiguous) this I have to say: haec habeo dicere or habeo quae dicam
    • (ambiguous) there is something in what you say; you are more or less right: aliquid (τι) dicis (opp. nihil dicis)
    • (ambiguous) what do you mean: quorsum haec (dicis)?
    • (ambiguous) it is incredible: monstra dicis, narras



Ultimately from indicar ‎(to indicate).



dica f (plural dicas)

  1. tip (piece of helpful information)