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down with...!

  1. Away with...!, cease!
    Down with that noise!
  2. Expressing disapproval of or encouraging actions against a person, organization, practice, belief, etc., typically in a public protest.
    Down with war!
    Down with the President!
    Down with racism!




down with

  1. (informal) comfortable with; accepting or approving of; okay with
    • 2017, Iona Morrison, Dance with a Devil, The Wild Rose Press Inc (→ISBN)
      “If I can make your lives easier by staying where I'm supposed to, I'm down with it.”
    • 2014, Harvey Douglas Wall, HAM The Fire Starter, AuthorHouse (→ISBN), page 99
      “They both looked at each other and she smiled and said, “I'm down with it, let's do it.”
    • 2014, Poe Hawkins, The Last Alchemist: And the Love of His Life, Balboa Press (→ISBN), page 204
      “Hey, dude, are you down with this groove?”
    • 2012, O’Shun M Jones, The Commission: A Hip Hop Interpretation of the Mafia, Xlibris Corporation (→ISBN), page 38
      Now are you down with this shit one hundred percent, because this isn't the Carolinas. The game is bigger than those two states.”
    • 2008, H.A. Covington, The Brigade, Xlibris Corporation (→ISBN), page 187
      “Look, are you down with this or not, Kicky? I need to know now.


See also[edit]

  • down (comfortable (with), accepting of) (as in "I'm down with that")