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Borrowed from English fake news. First sense popularized (in Danish) in connection with the 2016 US presidential election.


  • IPA(key): [ˈfɛjɡ̊ ˈnjuːs]
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fake news

  1. News stories with false information, deliberately created to misinform.
  2. Satirical news stories, intended to amuse.
    • 2008, Det store scoop, Gyldendal A/S (→ISBN), page 122
      Et af de ypperste eksempler på denne type fake news er amerikanske Jon Stewarts The Daily Show, ...
      One of the most excellent examples of this type of fake news is American Jon Stewart's The Daily Show, ...
    • 2012 March 7, Heidi Vesterberg, "Sjov & Alvor", Journalisten
      ... The Onion, der har gjort fake news til et begreb og en god forretning ...
      ... The Onion, which has made fake news a concept and a good business ...
    • 2011, April 1, Lasse Wamsler, "Rigtige nyheder — med løg på", Information
      ... producenter af såkaldt fake newseller[sic] nyhedssatire.
      ... producers of so-called fake newsor[sic] news satire.

Usage notes[edit]

The second sense seems to have been displaced by the first.

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