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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English foresetten, from Old English fōresettan (to place before, shut in, propose, prefer, precede), equivalent to fore- +‎ set. Cognate with Dutch voorzetten (to put in front), German vorsetzen (to put in front, offer, serve up), Swedish föresätta (to put before).


foreset (third-person singular simple present foresets, present participle foresetting, simple past and past participle foreset)

  1. (transitive) To set before or in front of; bar; block; impede.
  2. (transitive, dialectal) To ordain; assign; allot in advance.
  3. To propose, suggest

Derived terms[edit]


foreset (plural foresets)

  1. An obstacle; hindrance.
  2. That which is set ahead or before; proposal, suggestion.
  3. (geology) The deposition of sediment by the turbidity currents above the reservoir water level.
    Most deltas contain three different types of deposits: foreset, topset and bottomset beds.Fluvial Landforms

Derived terms[edit]


foreset (comparative more foreset, superlative most foreset)

  1. Set in fore or front part; placed ahead.