fortune cookie

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A fortune cookie (1) that has been broken open


fortune cookie (plural fortune cookies)

  1. A type of hollow snack, common in westernized Chinese cuisine: a crisp sugary wafer containing a message on a narrow strip of paper, generally with a wise or vaguely prophetic message or random numbers usable in a lottery printed on the paper.
    • 2006, “Courtesy Laughs”, in It's Never Been Like That, performed by Phoenix:
      I read my future in a fortune cookie / Without any safety procedure in mind
    • 2009, Jon Paul Fiorentino, Stripmalling, ECW Press, →ISBN, page 23:
      “The Chinese restaurant code. It states that the fortune cookie is not to be taken lightly. Now what do you mean to be doing with this fortune cookie anyway, lad?”
  2. (computing) A quote-of-the-day feature (especially on *nix systems.)


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