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Alternative forms[edit]

  • fricdus, frigdus (Vulgar or Late Latin, Appendix Probi)
  • fridus (Vulgar or Late Latin, Pompeian inscriptions)


From frīgeō (I am cold) +‎ -idus.



frīgidus (feminine frīgida, neuter frīgidum, comparative frīgidior, superlative frīgidissimus, adverb frīgidē); first/second-declension adjective

  1. cold, cool, chilling, frigid
    Synonyms: algidus, gelidus
    Antonym: calidus
    • 8 CE, Ovid, Fasti 4.683–684:
      frīgida Carseolīs nec olīvīs apta ferendīs
      terrā, sed ad segetēs ingeniōsus ager
      [It was] cold in the land of Carseoli, not even fit for growing olives,
      but with soil well-adapted for grain crops.

      (See Carsoli.)
  2. (figuratively) indifferent, feeble
  3. (figuratively) dull, flat, insipid, trivial, vain


First/second-declension adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative frīgidus frīgida frīgidum frīgidī frīgidae frīgida
Genitive frīgidī frīgidae frīgidī frīgidōrum frīgidārum frīgidōrum
Dative frīgidō frīgidō frīgidīs
Accusative frīgidum frīgidam frīgidum frīgidōs frīgidās frīgida
Ablative frīgidō frīgidā frīgidō frīgidīs
Vocative frīgide frīgida frīgidum frīgidī frīgidae frīgida

Derived terms[edit]



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