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  1. plural of garum



From garš ‎(long) +‎ -ums.


garums m (1st declension)

  1. length (distance from one end to the other)
    ceļa, upes garums — path, river length
    svārku garums — skirt length
    auguma garums — height (lit. height length)
    garuma mērvienības — unit of length
  2. (geography) longitude (distance in degrees between a given place and the prime meridian)
    ģeogrāfiskais garumslongitude (lit. geographic length)
    austrumu garums — East longitude
    rietumu garums — West longitude
  3. (of texts, words, etc.) length, size
    romāna garums — the length of the novel
    vārda garums — the length of the word
    vēstules garums — the length of the letter, message
  4. (of a time period, e.g., the time taken by a given action or activity) length
    nakts garums — the length of the night
    sarunas garums — the length of the conversation
  5. (phonetics, phonology) length (longer pronunciation of a vowel or consonant)
    patskaņa garumu apzīmē ar svītru virs attiecīgā burta — vowel length is marked with a bar above the corresponding letter
  6. (instrumental, with viss) maximum length
    izstiept kājas visā garumā — to stretch out (one's) legs to full (lit. all) length (= as far as possible)


Derived terms[edit]