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From Proto-Balto-Slavic *gerˀtei(devour, lap up); compare Latvian dzer̂t(drink), Old Church Slavonic пожрѣти, пожьрѫ(požrěti, požĭrǫ, swallow, devour), Polish żreć(eat greedily). Also consider Russian demotic нажраться(nažratʹsja, to eat a lot; get drunk). From Proto-Indo-European *gʷerh₃-(to devour). Cognates include Sanskrit गिरति(giráti, devour), Ancient Greek βιβρώσκω(bibrṓskō, eat up) and Latin vorō(devour, swallow). The present tense stem of the Slavic words < *gir- comes from the zero-grade of the root; compare girti(get drunk), girtas(drunk). See also gurklỹs(craw, throat) and gerklė(throat).


  • IPA(key): [ˈɡʲɛrʲ.tʲɪ]


gérti ‎(third-person present tense gẽria, third-person past tense gė́rė)

  1. drink (consume liquid to quench thirst)
    Jìs nóri gérti alaũs - He wants to drink some beer
  2. drink (of alcoholic beverages), booze
  3. soak up, absorb
    Kempìnė gẽria vándenį - The sponge soaks up water



  1. (alcohol): girtauti
  2. (soak up): traukti, siurbti; skverbtis, sunktis

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