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Alternative forms[edit]


From get up or get ye/thee up.




  1. (directed at a horse) Move on!, go faster!





giddyup (third-person singular simple present giddyups, present participle giddyuping or giddyupping, simple past and past participle giddyuped or giddyupped)

  1. To cause a horse or similar mount to speed up.
    • 2011, Janet Dailey, Foxfire Light, →ISBN, page 30:
      Not expecting any traffic, he giddyuped them onto the main road.
  2. (by extension) To start moving or move faster; to get a move on.
    • 2012, Celine Kiernan, Into the Grey, →ISBN:
      But she just kept bopping up and down and telling me to giddyup, so that I had to turn and make my way properly on the stairs for fear of her pulling us both over.
    • 2012, Thaddeus Deluca, At Bully Hills: Confessions of an American Oxycontin Addict, →ISBN, page 32:
      “Yeah, been partying since I was fourteen, never thought I'd wind-up in a place like this,” I sat there for a moment in quiet reflection, “been high most of my life . . . on one thing or another . . . guess it's time I giddyuped and got going on this clean up my act thing, I've hit the break point . . . gotta' do something . . . do something or it's going to kill me."