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From Middle English, glāde ‎(A gleam of light, bright space, an open space; an open or cleared space in a forest; a bright patch of sky; a bright surface of snow or ice), also glode, glede, from Old English glæd ‎(shining, bright), (compare Old Norse glaðr ‎(bright)). [1]


glade ‎(plural glades)

  1. An open passage through a wood; a grassy open or cleared space in a forest.
    • 2003, Newsweek, Travel: In The Trees, Nov 23, 2003
      ... are creating more "glades," or cleared trails through the woods, for less experienced (blue) skiers. They're a throwback to the first days of skiing, before resorts cut wide swaths of trees, and machines rolled and packed the snow.
    • 1851, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, chapter 22
      [...] and meads and glades so eternally vernal, that the grass shot up by the spring, untrodden, unwilted, remains at midsummer.
  2. (colloquial) An everglade.
  3. an open space in the ice on a river or lake
  4. a bright surface of snow/ice ... a glade of ice
    In the latter days of a ferocious winter, the sun dropped earthwards, having on this day pulled clear of its sluggish trajectory casting a few meek rays on the redoubtable snow and frost of the mountain glade. — Vignette: A Writing Exercise
  5. (obsolete) a gleam of light; see moonglade
  6. (obsolete) a bright patch of sky; the bright space between clouds


Derived terms[edit]



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  1. absolute definite natural masculine form of glad.