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Gott (God) +‎ -los (-less)


  • IPA(key): /ˈɡɔtˌloːs/
  • (file)


gottlos (comparative gottloser, superlative am gottlosesten)

  1. evil; ungodly; godless; diabolic; reprobate
    • 2015, Angela Merkel, Chancellor’s Speech at the 8th Integration Summit, 17th November 2015
      Aber in diesem Jahr fällt es uns wohl allen schwer, einfach zur Tagesordnung zurückzukehren, nachdem wir am letzten Freitag erfahren mussten, wozu menschenverachtende und gottlose Terroristen fähig sind.
      But this year we may all find it difficult to just go back to business as usual, after we had to learn last Friday what inhuman and godless terrorists are capable of.
  2. (derogatory, otherwise very rare) atheist; not professing faith in God

Usage notes[edit]

  • Rather obviously, this word is unlikely to be used by convinced atheists in either of its senses.


Derived terms[edit]