hold the ring

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Probably from "keep the ring" in the early days of ring fighting, when "pugilists" were employed to keep spectators in order.

  • 1828 (October), The Sporting Magazine, page 448:
    Eight pugilists were engaged specially to keep the ring, and everything went off as it should do.


hold the ring ‎(third-person singular simple present holds the ring, present participle holding the ring, simple past and past participle held the ring)

  1. (Britain, idiomatic) To oversee a situation while attempting to remain uninvolved in it.
    • 1968, R.B. Wernham, editor, The New Cambridge Modern History[1], volume 3:
      In England a century earlier it had been a struggle between two warring houses, in France it was now a struggle between three: Guise, Montmorency and Bourbon, with the feeble government of Catherine de Medici vainly trying to hold the ring.
    • 1987, Black Athena: The archaeological and documentary evidence[2]:
      This was between Betancourt - and his old colleague Michael - and Warren, with the English archaeometrist M. J. Aitken holding the ring.
    • 2006 August 31, “Holding the ring in the capital: Embedded with American troops in a volatile district, our correspondent asks how long they can prevent an all-out sectarian war”, in The Economist (Economist.com)[3]:
      Lieutenant-General Fry says that coalition forces will continue military operations "to separate the two sides of the sectarian conflict" but that such operations were meant to hold the ring until the politicians come up with a solution.
    Police held the ring during the protests.