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howler (plural howlers)

  1. That which howls, especially an animal which howls, such as a wolf or a howler monkey.
  2. A person hired to howl at a funeral

Other senses are derivatives of the intensifier "howling",[1] as in "howling wilderness", (Deuteronomy 32:10)[2]

  1. A painfully obvious mistake.
    • 2009, Tom Burton, Quadrant, November 2009, No. 461 (Volume LIII, Number 11), Quadrant Magazine Limited, page 78:
      A howler is a glaring mistake, a mistake that cries out to be noticed.
  2. A hilarious joke.
  3. A bitterly cold day
  4. A heavy fall, literally or figuratively
  5. A serious accident (especially to come a howler or go a howler, e.g. "Our hansom came a howler"; compare: come a cropper)
  6. A tremendous lie
  7. A fashionably but extravagantly overdressed man, a "howling swell"
  8. A calamity howler is "one that makes dismal predictions of impending disaster"[3]



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