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Alternative forms[edit]


Unclear, but reflects an earlier ablative form. Proposals include:[1][2]

The accusative is from the suffix used adverbially.


  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈi̯uːk.staː/, [ˈi̯uːks̠t̪äː] or IPA(key): /ˈi̯uk.staː/, [ˈi̯ʊks̠t̪äː]
  • (modern Italianate Ecclesiastical) IPA(key): /ˈjuk.sta/, [ˈjukst̪ä]
  • Note: the length of the /u/ is uncertain due to lack of graphic attestations, unclear etymology and common conflation with iūstus (just; exact) already in Latin as well as its Romance descendants. Most other dictionaries list it as short.


iū̆xtā (not comparable)

  1. nearly
    Synonyms: paene, fermē, ferē, prope
  2. near, close to
  3. just as


iū̆xtā (+ accusative)

  1. near, close to, next to
  2. adjoining
  3. like
  4. (Late Latin, Medieval Latin) according to


  • Borrowings:
    • French: juxtaposer
    • Spanish: yuxtaponer (juxtapose)
  • Italo-Romance:
  • Sardinian:
  • Gallo-Romance:
    • Old French: joste (close to, along)
      • French: jouxte (close) (semi-latinized, archaic)
    • Old Occitan: josta
  • Vulgar Latin:


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