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From Oscan (expected *proque, -que being replaced with Oscan -𐌐𐌄 (-pe)), from Proto-Indo-European *prokʷe, from *pro- + *-kʷe (equivalent to pro + -que).



prope (comparative propius, superlative proximē or proxumus)

  1. near, nearby, nigh, close
  2. close in time
  3. almost, nearly
    Synonyms: paene, fermē, ferē, iū̆xtā
  4. better (as an approximation)


prope (+ accusative)

  1. near
    Domus mea prope lacum est.
    My house is near the lake.
  2. (figuratively) towards, about (in time)

Derived terms[edit]



Further reading[edit]

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    • to be not far away: prope (propius, proxime) abesse
    • to be almost culpable: prope abesse a culpa
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