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Vietnamese cardinal numbers
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    Cardinal : một
    Ordinal : thứ nhất


From Proto-Vietic *moːc, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *muuj ~ *muəj ~ *muuɲ; cognate with Muong mốch, Bahnar mĭnh and mônh, Khmer មួយ (muəy), Mon မွဲ (mòa), Bolyu maːi³¹, Mang mak⁷.

Related to mốt (day after tomorrow).



một (𠬠 - , )

  1. one

Usage notes[edit]

  • Unlike other cardinal numbers, the ordinal phrasal expression for một is not *thứ một, but thứ nhất (first). Alternatively, "first" can also be translated as đầu tiên (foremost).
  • In quick and informal speech, một is often reduced to a tone-bearing syllabic nasal [m̩] or another homorganic nasal depending on initial of the following word.

See also[edit]

Derived terms


một (𠬠 - , )

  1. one
  2. (colloquial) the eleventh lunar month


một (𠬠 - , )

  1. only; sole
  2. for one person; single