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A necklace consisting of a chain with a pendant


neck +‎ lace


  • (US) IPA(key): /ˈnɛkləs/
  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˈnɛklɪs/, /ˈnɛkləs/
    • (file)


necklace (plural necklaces)

  1. An article of jewelry that is worn around the neck, most often made of a string of precious metal, pearls, gems, beads or shells, and sometimes having a pendant attached.
  2. (figuratively) Anything resembling a necklace in shape.
    a necklace of coral islands
  3. (South Africa) A device used in necklacing (an informal execution); a rubber tyre that is filled with petrol. It is placed around the victim's chest and arms, and set on fire.
    • Wikipedia-logo.svg Necklacing on Wikipedia.Wikipedia
    • 4 August, 2004 Headline Pretoria News: Necklacing: 7 held.
      Seven people have been arrested in connection with Saturday's "necklace" murder of three men in the Tjokville informal settlement at Jeffrey's Bay.
    • 2000 Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: The United Democratic Front and the Transformation of South Africa by Ineke Van Kessel
      Several of the alledged witches in Apel and GaNkaone were also subjected to a necklace execution
    • 2004 A Human Being Died That Night: A South African Woman Confronts the Legacy of Apartheid by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela
      In the fluidly unfolding events of a necklace murder, was there time and space to stop the killing?



necklace (third-person singular simple present necklaces, present participle necklacing, simple past and past participle necklaced)

  1. (South Africa) To informally execute by necklacing; by setting on fire a petrol-filled rubber tyre which has been put around the bound victim's neck.
    • May 29 2003: The Star:
      Frustrated residents tied the hands of two suspected criminals, put tyres around their necks and then set them alight. In a manifestation of growing disillusionment with the criminal justice system, residents of Bramfischerville, west of Johannesburg, on Tuesday abducted and necklaced two suspected burglars.
    • 2002 Buthelezi: A Biography by Ben Temkin
      Inkatha members have been hacked to death and necklaced, and their houses have been destroyed
    • 2000 Beyond Our Wildest Dreams: The United Democratic Front and the Transformation of South Africa by Ineke Van Kessel
      The first instance of necklacing occurred in March 1985 in the Eastern Cape township of KwaNobuhle.

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