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From Algerian Arabic نيك (nīk), imperfect stem of ناك(nāk), from Arabic ناكَ(nāka). This is the accepted etymology; a theoretically possible derivation from unrelated Dutch neuken is unlikely both on phonetic grounds and because the vulgar use of this word was originally restricted to the more northern dialects of Dutch.


  • IPA(key): /
  • (file)



  1. (slang, vulgar) to fuck, to shag.
    Synonyms: baiser, fourrer, tringler, foutre, mettre
    J'ai envie de la niquer.
    I want to fuck her.
  2. (slang) to deceive
    Synonyms: baiser, rouler, enculer, entuber, avoir
    Il m'a bien niqué, avec ses belles promesses.
    He really had me with all his promises.
  3. (slang) to break, to destroy
    Synonym: foutre en l'air
    Il a niqué mon smartphone.
    He fucked up my smartphone.
  4. (slang) to steal
    Synonyms: chourrer, chourraver, faucher, piquer, tirer
  5. (slang) to beat, to hit
    Synonyms: casser la gueule, flanquer une rouste, flanquer une râclée


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