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Related to German Low German nöken (to have intercourse; have sex). Ultimately from Proto-Germanic *hnukjaną (to bend; flex; clump together), with a special sense development in North Germanic, Old Dutch, and Old Saxon of "push, thrust, bump", from Proto-Indo-European *knewg- (to press; bend), from *ken- (to press; pinch). Cognate with Old Norse hnykkja (to snatch; pull violently), Danish nykke (to thrust; bump), Swedish dialectal nycka (to bump; push), Old English hnocc (penis), Old English ġehnycned (drawn up; pinched). More at nook.

The sense “to disrespect” is borrowed from English fuck.




  1. (vulgar, transitive, intransitive) to fuck, to screw
    Synonyms: batsen, naaien, poepen, vossen, vrijen
  2. (vulgar, transitive) to fuck, to disrespect; used to express one's displeasure or disrespect for something or someone.
    • 2016 April 9, Niels van der Laan & Jeroen Woe, "Mijn nee", de Kwis.
      "Ik neuk het systeem." "En ik mijn Steinway."
      "I fuck the system." "And I [fuck] my Steinway."


Inflection of neuken (weak)
infinitive neuken
past singular neukte
past participle geneukt
infinitive neuken
gerund neuken n
verbal noun
present tense past tense
1st person singular neuk neukte
2nd person sing. (jij) neukt neukte
2nd person sing. (u) neukt neukte
2nd person sing. (gij) neukt neukte
3rd person singular neukt neukte
plural neuken neukten
subjunctive sing.1 neuke neukte
subjunctive plur.1 neuken neukten
imperative sing. neuk
imperative plur.1 neukt
participles neukend geneukt
1) Archaic.

Derived terms[edit]