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From noteik(t) (to state, to determine, to establish) +‎ -ums (with noteikt from no- +‎ teikt (to say, to tell)).


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noteikums m (1st declension)

  1. (usually plural) rules, regulations (norms that must be obeyed in a certain sector of activity, profession, or situation)
    tehniskie, sanitārie noteikumitechnical, sanitary regulations
    satiksmes noteikumitraffic regulations
    skolas iekšējās kārtības noteikumia school's internal regulations
    ugunsdrošības noteikumifire regulations
    pareizrakstības noteikumispelling rules
  2. condition, requirement (a necessity or prerequisite for something)
    izdevīgi kredīta noteikumifavorable credit conditions, terms
    Ziltars nebija dabūjis vairāk aizņemties kā vecu arklu un sieku rudzu ar noteikumu, ka rudenī jāatdod divi sieki vietāZiltars couldn't obtain more than an old plow and a bushel of rye, under the condition that later in autumn he would return two bushels
  3. basis, principle, provision (prerequisites for the existence or development of something; also, circumstances that support or foster it)
    pirmais noteikums māksliniekam: redzēt cita acij neredzamo un dzirdēt citam nesadzirdzamothe first provision for artists: to see what is invisible to the eyes of others and to hear what is unhearable to others