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From no- +‎ teikt (to say, to tell).


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noteikt tr., 1st conj., pres. noteicu, noteic, noteic, past noteicu

  1. to say, to state, to declare (with conviction)
    pēc vakariņām saimniece noteica: “nu jāiet gulēt” — after dinner the lady said: “now (we) should go to bed”
    Nestors noteica, ka viņš neiešot vakarā mājāsNestors stated, declared that he was not going home in the evening (i.e., he will continue working)
  2. to tell, to state firmly, to determine, to decide (with conviction, applying pressure)
    Māte stingri noteica: “un tā kā neaizmirsti nosūtīt vēstuli viņa mātei” — Mother firmly stated: “so, don't forget to send a letter to his mother”
    ķēniņš nu Mazajam Pēterim cieti noteica, ja līdz pusdienai tilts nebūšot gatavs, tad likšot tam galvu nocirstthe king determined, stated to Little Peter that if the bridge wasn't ready by noon, then he would have his head cut off
  3. to determine (to choose, to adopt as obligatory, to be enforced, to have force of law)
    noteikt izbraukšanas dienuto determine the date of departure
    noteikt grāmatas tirāžuto determine the (number of copies in) circulation of a book
    pedagoģiskās padomes sēdēm noteikta viena stunda, bet pārējām apspriedēm tikai pusstunda laikafor pedagogical council meetings one hour is set, determined, and for other consultations only half an hour
  4. to determine, to prescribe (to mark something as necessary, important to someone, to be used by someone; especially a doctor to a patient)
    noteikt slimniekam diētuto determine the patient's diet
    apskatījis slimnieku, ārsts noteica tam slimnīcas režīmuafter examining the patient, the doctor prescribed hospital treatment for him
  5. to determine (to be a prerequisite for something, to be a factor on which something depends)
    sacensības kā jau sacensības: rezultātus noteic griba, māka un pulescompetition is competition: will, skill and effort determine the results
    viņu bērnu nākotni noteiks tēvu naudas maku biezums, dzimtas vārds un pašu darbīgumsthe thickness of his father's wallet, the family name and activity (work) will determine the son's future
  6. to determine, to establish, to measure, to identify, to clarify
    noteikt ceļa garumuto determine the length of the road
    noteikt debespusesto determine the cardinal points
    noteikt auga suguto determine, to identify the plant species
    noteikt augsnes sastāvuto determine the soil composition
    noteikt koka vecumuto determine the age of a tree
    un kas var īsti precīzi noteikt, cik ilgs laiks ziedots vienam vai otram darbam?and who can really precisely determine how much time (was) dedicated to this or that (literary) work?

Usage notes[edit]

The verbs nosacīt and noteikt seem to be near-perfect synonyms. Note, however, that the present tense forms of noteikt are often not used; the correspoding forms of nosacīt are much more frequent.



Derived terms[edit]