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Passive aspect of the verb painaa.



  1. To sink, sag, droop, fall, descend.
  2. (colloquial) to go


Inflection of painua (Kotus type 52/sanoa, no gradation)
indicative mood
present tense perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. painun en painu 1st sing. olen painunut en ole painunut
2nd sing. painut et painu 2nd sing. olet painunut et ole painunut
3rd sing. painuu ei painu 3rd sing. on painunut ei ole painunut
1st plur. painumme emme painu 1st plur. olemme painuneet emme ole painuneet
2nd plur. painutte ette painu 2nd plur. olette painuneet ette ole painuneet
3rd plur. painuvat eivät painu 3rd plur. ovat painuneet eivät ole painuneet
passive painutaan ei painuta passive on painuttu ei ole painuttu
past tense pluperfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. painuin en painunut 1st sing. olin painunut en ollut painunut
2nd sing. painuit et painunut 2nd sing. olit painunut et ollut painunut
3rd sing. painui ei painunut 3rd sing. oli painunut ei ollut painunut
1st plur. painuimme emme painuneet 1st plur. olimme painuneet emme olleet painuneet
2nd plur. painuitte ette painuneet 2nd plur. olitte painuneet ette olleet painuneet
3rd plur. painuivat eivät painuneet 3rd plur. olivat painuneet eivät olleet painuneet
passive painuttiin ei painuttu passive oli painuttu ei ollut painuttu
conditional mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. painuisin en painuisi 1st sing. olisin painunut en olisi painunut
2nd sing. painuisit et painuisi 2nd sing. olisit painunut et olisi painunut
3rd sing. painuisi ei painuisi 3rd sing. olisi painunut ei olisi painunut
1st plur. painuisimme emme painuisi 1st plur. olisimme painuneet emme olisi painuneet
2nd plur. painuisitte ette painuisi 2nd plur. olisitte painuneet ette olisi painuneet
3rd plur. painuisivat eivät painuisi 3rd plur. olisivat painuneet eivät olisi painuneet
passive painuttaisiin ei painuttaisi passive olisi painuttu ei olisi painuttu
imperative mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. 1st sing.
2nd sing. painu älä painu 2nd sing. ole painunut älä ole painunut
3rd sing. painukoon älköön painuko 3rd sing. olkoon painunut älköön olko painunut
1st plur. painukaamme älkäämme painuko 1st plur. olkaamme painuneet älkäämme olko painuneet
2nd plur. painukaa älkää painuko 2nd plur. olkaa painuneet älkää olko painuneet
3rd plur. painukoot älkööt painuko 3rd plur. olkoot painuneet älkööt olko painuneet
passive painuttakoon älköön painuttako passive olkoon painuttu älköön olko painuttu
potential mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. painunen en painune 1st sing. lienen painunut en liene painunut
2nd sing. painunet et painune 2nd sing. lienet painunut et liene painunut
3rd sing. painunee ei painune 3rd sing. lienee painunut ei liene painunut
1st plur. painunemme emme painune 1st plur. lienemme painuneet emme liene painuneet
2nd plur. painunette ette painune 2nd plur. lienette painuneet ette liene painuneet
3rd plur. painunevat eivät painune 3rd plur. lienevät painuneet eivät liene painuneet
passive painuttaneen ei painuttane passive lienee painuttu ei liene painuttu
Nominal forms
infinitives participles
active passive active passive
1st painua present painuva painuttava
long 1st2 painuakseen past painunut painuttu
2nd inessive1 painuessa painuttaessa agent1, 3 painuma
instructive painuen negative painumaton
3rd inessive painumassa 1) Usually with a possessive suffix.

2) Used only with a possessive suffix; this is the form for the third-person singular and third-person plural.
3) Does not exist in the case of intransitive verbs. Do not confuse with nouns formed with the -ma suffix.

elative painumasta
illative painumaan
adessive painumalla
abessive painumatta
instructive painuman painuttaman
4th nominative painuminen
partitive painumista
5th2 painumaisillaan

Derived terms[edit]