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From pa- +‎ vasara (summer), made into a second declension masculine noun (ending -is). Given the inchoative prefix, the original meaning was “beginning of summer” (originally, vasara covered both spring and summer, considered in ancient times to be one season). Cognates include Lithuanian pavãsaris.[1]


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pavasaris m (2nd declension)

  1. spring (season of the year between winter and summer, from March 21 to June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere, characterized by increasing temperature and by the blooming of flowers)
    agrs, vēls pavasarisearly, late spring
    vēss, auksts pavasariscool, cold spring
    sauss pavasarisdry spring
    tuvojas pavasarisspring is coming
    pavasaris sākas, iestājasspring is beginning
    pavasaris pienācisspring has come
    pavasara ekvinokcijaspring equinox
    pavasaris aptver to laika posmu, kad gaisa temperatūra paaugstinās virs 0°, bet nav augstāka par 15° Cspring covers the period when the air temperature rises above 0°, but is not higher than 15° C
  2. (in the genitive, used adjectivally) spring, typical of spring, used in spring
    pavasara atkusnisspring thaw
    pavasara ūdeņi, palispring waters, floods
    pavasara salnaspring frost
    pavasara aršanaspring plowing
    pirmie pavasara ziedithe first spring flowers
    pavasara mēteļispring coats
    akadēmijas pavasara izstādecollege spring exhibition
  3. (figuratively) spring; early stage
    dzīves pavasaristhe spring of life (i.e., youth)
    Prāgas pavasaristhe Prague spring (first liberalization period in March of 1968 in the former Czechoslovakia)
    es redzu nākam tautu pavasari!I see the spring (= blooming) of the people coming!
    Apjomā J. Alunāna “Dziesmiņas” bija gluži pieticīga burtnīciņa, bet liela tā kļuva nozīmībā: ar to īsti sākās latviešu mākslas dzejas pavasarisin size, J. Alunāns “Dziesmiņas” (“Little Songs”) was a quite modest little book, but it became big in significance: with it began the spring of Latvian poetic art



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(seasons) četri gadalaiki; pavasaris, vasara, rudens, ziema (Category: lv:Seasons)


  1. ^ Karulis, Konstantīns (1992), “vasara”, in Latviešu Etimoloģijas Vārdnīca (in Latvian), Rīga: AVOTS, →ISBN


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  • IPA(key): [pɐˈvaːsɐrʲɪs]


pavãsaris m (plural pavasariai) stress pattern 1

  1. spring (season)


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pavasaris (spring) vasara (summer) ruduo (autumn) žiema (winter)