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From Middle English, borrowed from Old French peticiun, from stem of Latin petitio, petitionem (a request, solicitation), from petere (to require, seek, go forward)



petition (plural petitions)

  1. A formal, written request made to an official person or organized body, often containing many signatures.
  2. A compilation of signatures built in order to exert moral authority in support of a specific cause.
  3. (law) A formal written request for judicial action.
  4. A prayer; a supplication; an entreaty.
    • Bible, 1. Macc. vii. 37
      A house of prayer and petition for thy people.


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petition (third-person singular simple present petitions, present participle petitioning, simple past and past participle petitioned)

  1. (transitive) To make a request to, commonly in written form.
    The villagers petitioned the council to demolish the dangerous building.