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This word is traditionally derived from Proto-Baltic *per-k-, *pr̥k-, from Proto-Indo-European *per-(taking over, past something) (whence Latvian prepositions par, pār, q.v.), as a verb “to take over, past (somewhere)” > “to take (somewhere) to sell” > “to sell”, with an extra k. With this meaning, cf. Ancient Greek περνάναι(pernánai), πιπράσκειν(pipráskein, to sell, to export), and Old Irish renim(I sell) (< *pr̥-nā-). In the Baltic languages, the meaning “to sell” became “to buy,” given the nature of buying and selling as two aspects of the same two-sided event. From the same stem also prece(product, ware, merchandise), q.v. A more recent suggestion is that pirkt may derive from another Proto-Indo-European stem *per-(to hit) (whence pērkons(thunder), q.v.), with as original meaning “to rob, to plunder;” in several Indo-European languages, verbs of buying originate from verbs of taking (cf. Latin emere(to buy), earlier “to take”). Cognates include Lithuanian pir̃kti.[1]


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pirkt tr., 1st conj., pres. pērku, pērc, pērk, past pirku

  1. to buy, to purchase (to obtain, to acquire something by paying an appropriate amount of money)
    pirkt pārtiku‎ ― to buy groceries
    pirkt lakatu, zābakus‎ ― to buy a scarf, boots
    pirkt gleznu‎ ― to buy a painting
    pirkt biļetes‎ ― to buy tickets
    dārgi, lēti pirkt‎ ― to buy at an expensive, cheap price
    izdēvīgi pirkt‎ ― to buy at a convenient price
    pirkt par skaidru naudu‎ ― to buy (for) cash (lit. for clear money)
    pirkt skaidrā naudā‎ ― to buy cash (lit. in clear money)
    pirkt uz kredīta, uz nomaksu‎ ― to buy on credit, by installments
    viņš brauca uz Igauniju pirkt jaunu zirgu‎ ― he went to Estonia to buy a new horse
    viņa pirka tikai pašu visnepieciešamako‎ ― she bought only the most necessary (things)
    visi pērk, tātad arī man jāpērk‎ ― everybody is buying, so I also have to buy
  2. (figuratively) to buy (to obtain something with effort, with sacrifice)
    par milzīgu asinscenu pirkta uzvara pār fašismu‎ ― the victory over fascism was bought with an enormous price in blood



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