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  1. plural of pleb
  2. The common people, as a whole, or as a group.




Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Latin plēbēs, from Proto-Italic *plēðūs (whence Oscan 𐌐𐌋𐌝𐌚𐌓𐌉𐌊𐌔 (plífriks, plebeian, nom. sg.) via *plēðros), from Proto-Indo-European *pléh₁dʰuh₁ (whence Ancient Greek πληθῡ́ς (plēthū́s, crowd)) from *pleh₁- (fill), whence pleō. See also populus.



plēbs f (genitive plēbis); third declension

  1. (countable and uncountable) plebeians, common people


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative plēbs plēbēs
genitive plēbis plēbum
dative plēbī plēbibus
accusative plēbem plēbēs
ablative plēbe plēbibus
vocative plēbs plēbēs

Derived terms[edit]



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    • one of the people: homo plebeius, de plebe
    • to get oneself admitted as a plebeian: traduci ad plebem (Att. 1. 18. 4)
    • to transfer oneself from the patrician to the plebeian order: transitio ad plebem (Brut. 16. 62)
    • to transfer oneself from the patrician to the plebeian order: traductio ad plebem
    • to stir up the lower classes: plebem concitare, sollicitare
    • to hold the people in one's power, in check: plebem continere
    • (ambiguous) the dregs of the people: faex populi, plebis, civitatis
    • (ambiguous) a demagogue, agitator: plebis dux, vulgi turbator, civis turbulentus, civis rerum novarum cupidus
    • (ambiguous) the plebeian tribunes, whose persons are inviolable: tribuni plebis sacrosancti (Liv. 3. 19. 10)
    • (ambiguous) to appeal to the plebeian tribunes against a praetor's decision: appellare tribunos plebis (in aliqua re a praetore) (Liv. 2. 55)
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