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From the first syllable of positive.



poz (not comparable)

  1. (slang) HIV positive
    Her test results were poz.
    • 2004, Dennis Cooper, The Sluts, page 160
      I'll pound your throat and ass raw with my fat 11" cock then shoot huge loads of poz cum in your ravaged holes.
    • 2010, Rick Reed, Tales from the Sexual Underground, page 61:
      I recall when we exchanged our HIV statuses at one point; not tonight. He's poz.


poz (third-person singular simple present pozzes, present participle pozzing, simple past and past participle pozzed)

  1. (slang, transitive) To infect (someone) with a sexually transmitted disease.
    • 2012 'Poz' lover lied to fulfill fantasy
      However it’s hard to tell the truth from fantasy in the chats, which don’t include Boone talking of killing anyone, defence lawyer Ian Carter put to Lapointe. “During these hundreds of pages as part of that sexual fantasy of chasing, stealthing, pozzing or whatever you want to call it, he never indicates he wants to kill anyone?” Ian Carter asked her. “That’s correct,” said Lapointe, noting Boone does talk about giving people HIV and people dying of the disease.
    • 2016 'Poz vampire' gets 9 years for attempted murder
      Boone discussed his criminal exploits and said he became sexually aroused by “stealth pozzing,” or infecting unsuspecting partners.
    • 2018 Scott Farrell's Biography, or, Triumph, Tears, and Tales of the Stage - page 256
      He talked about his ex possibly giving him an STD. The medicines in the cabinet. And the incubation period seemed to fit the timeline. My heart stopped for a second. What if he pozzed me? It was a horrifying thought, and it consumed me
  2. (slang, transitive, nonstandard) to say something positive to someone about themselves

Related terms[edit]




  1. Hard mutation of boz.



From pozdrav


pȍz (Cyrillic spelling по̏з)

  1. (text messaging, Internet slang, informal) bye! (greeting)
  2. (text messaging, Internet slang, informal) hello! hi! (greeting)