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From ra- +‎ doppio +‎ -are.[1]


  • IPA(key): /rad.dopˈpja.re/
  • Rhymes: -are
  • Hyphenation: rad‧dop‧pià‧re



raddoppiàre (first-person singular present raddóppio, first-person singular past historic raddoppiài, past participle raddoppiàto, auxiliary (transitive or intransitive) avére or (also in the intransitive meanings "to double, to intensify") èssere)

  1. (transitive) to double, redouble
  2. (transitive) to duplicate
  3. (transitive, figurative) to increase, to intensify
  4. (transitive, linguistics) to reduplicate
  5. (transitive, music) to double (a note) (to assign a note to two or more parts)
  6. (transitive, sports) to double (an opponent) (to assign two players to the same opponent)
  7. (intransitive) to double [auxiliary essere or avere]
  8. (intransitive, figurative) to increase in strength, to intensify (e.g. of the wind) [auxiliary essere or avere]
  9. (intransitive, billiards) to score a double shot [auxiliary avere]
  10. (intransitive, fencing) to make a double strike (on an opponent) [auxiliary avere]
  11. (intransitive, soccer) to score a second goal [auxiliary avere]
  12. (intransitive, horseriding) to gallop with the two front legs together, followed by the hindquarters [auxiliary avere]



Derived terms



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