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reduce +‎ -er


reducer (plural reducers)

  1. Something that reduces.
    • 2018, Andrew Matheson, Murray Reid, Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand: The Definitive Guide, page 35:
      If a floorboard has deep risers, you should use an entrance reducer in winter, to help keep out mice []
  2. (chemistry) A reducing agent.
  3. (hydraulics) A hydraulic device for reducing pressure and hence increasing movement, used to transmit the load from the hydraulic support of the lower shackle to the lever weighing apparatus in some kinds of heavy testing machine.
  4. (photography) A liquid used in the process of developing a negative to reduce its darkness.
  5. (plumbing) A component used to connect two pipes of different bores.
  6. (software) A function that takes state and action as arguments and returns the next state of the app.
  7. (soccer) The reduction of the contribution to a football game of a more talented opponent by intimidation using a brutal tackle.
    • 21 November 2022, Barry Glendenning, Live Feed: Senegal v Netherlands, The Guardian:
      Koulibaly flattens Steven Bergwijn with a reducer from behind but avoids a booking. Bergwijn gets to his feet and blows his cheeks in frustration. I think that really hurt but he doesn’t want to show it.

Derived terms[edit]