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Alternative forms[edit]


re- +‎ entrant


reentrant (not comparable)

  1. Reentering; pointing inward.
  2. (programming, of a mutual exclusion mechanism) Such that the corresponding lock can be reacquired by the locking thread.
    The global interpreter lock of the embedded scripting engine is not re-entrant.
  3. (programming) That may be executed more than once at a time either by different threads, or because of recursion.
    Global variables must not be altered by reentrant code.
  4. (transport, of a part of a rocket) Designed to return to the Earth's atmosphere.
  5. (physiology) Of or pertaining to reentry (in the heart)

Derived terms[edit]


reentrant (plural reentrants)

  1. An angle or part that reenters itself.
  2. One who enters (the labour market, etc.) again.
  3. (geography) A valley between a pair of parallel ridges

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