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Etymology 1[edit]

See siens.


siena m

  1. genitive singular form of siens

Etymology 2[edit]

 siena on Latvian Wikipedia
Mājas siena (1)
Pilsētas siena (2)
Alas sienas (4)

Cognate with Lithuanian síena (wall, border). Derived from verb siet (to tie, bind) in its older meaning “to braid, to weave” (see etymology of siet), which suggests that the original meaning of siena was “wicker-work”; compare cognates Avestan 𐬵𐬌𐬥𐬎(hinu, ties, bonds, hobble, chain), Old Irish sin (chain, necktie). The current meaning suggests that house walls were originally woven with branches and twigs, and then probably covered with mud (compare with German Wand (wall), winden (wind, twist, weave)); some evidence from old folk songs supports this idea.[1]


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siena f (4th declension)

  1. wall (structure (made of wood, masonry, etc.) that limits a building, a room, etc.)
    mājas, istabas, šķūna sienashouse, room, barn walls
    mūra, koka, baļķu sienamasonry, wooden, log wall
    krāsota, balsināta, tapsēta sienapainted, plastered, papered wall
    krāsot sienuto pain the wall
    līmēt tapetes uz sienasto paper (lit. paste paper on) the wall
    sienas pulkstenis, lampawall clock, lamp
    iesist naglu sienāto drive a nail into the wall
    pakārt gleznu pie sienasto hang a painting on the wall
  2. wall, rampart (a high enclosure, especially for protection)
    Kremļa sienasKremlin walls
    cietokšņa sienasfortress walls
    pilsētas sienascity walls
  3. something that encloses, also metaphorically
    dūmu, liesmu, uguns, miglas sienaa smoke, flame, fire, fog wall
    naida sienahatred wall
  4. external side of a container, box, cavity, body organ, etc.
    skapja sienascabinet walls
    alas, bedres sienascave, pit walls
    tvaika katla sienasboiler walls
    kuņģa sienastomach wall
    artērijas sienaartery wall


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  • IPA(key): [ˈs̪ʲɪ́ən̪ɐ]


síena f (plural síenos) stress pattern 1 [1]

  1. wall[2]
  2. border, boundary



Derived terms[edit]


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siena f (Cyrillic spelling сиена)

  1. Obsolete spelling of sjena