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  • snow +‎ -man.
  • (score of eight; card ranked eight): A typical snowman, built from two balls of snow, resembles a figure eight.



snowman (plural snowmen)

  1. A humanoid figure made with large snowballs stacked on each other. Human traits like a face and arms may be fashioned with sticks (arms), a carrot (nose), and stones or coal (eyes, mouth).
  2. (baseball, golf) A score of eight, especially within one inning (in baseball) or on one hole (in golf, where it is also known as dogballs).
    • 1996 June 3, Buster Olney, “Chat with Sparky helps 'useless' Johnson   Dejected O's manager gets lift from ex-Tigers boss”, in The Baltimore Sun[1] (quoting B. J. Surhoff):
      [The Angels] dropped a snowman early on us [Saturday] and we built a snowman early too.
    • 2005 June 26, Dayton Daily News[2], page 44:
      "Then they dropped a snowman (8) on us and did it pretty quick," Narron said. "Then Stone had to stay out there and suck it up for us [] "
    • 2018, Andre Huu, The Round of Your Life: A Book on Golf and Life, Archway Publishing, →ISBN:
      For me, another blow-up score of a snowman, 8, seems about right on this hole.
  3. (slang) A playing card with the rank of eight.
  4. (rare) An attractive but heartless man.
    Coordinate term: ice queen
    • 1961, John D. Loudermilk (lyrics and music), “The Great Snowman”:
      A few years ago there lived a lover
      By the name of Jimmy Jones
      Who really snowed the girls and left them cold
      And gained the title of "The Great Snowman".


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