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Alternative forms[edit]


something-something (plural something-somethings)

  1. Something that has no name or that one would prefer not to name.
    • 2006, The New Quarterly - Issues 97-100, page 46:
      We half-watch our whereabouts, the newness of remnants we've no name for, something-somethings that whisk past ...
    1. A snack or morsel of food that does not constitute a meal.
      • 2006 April 27, Victoria, “A little something-something”, in alt.fifty-plus.friends, Usenet:
        In my family, when we aren't really hungry, we'll prowl the kitchen for a little "something-something." I thought it was our saying until I heard someone on TV call dessert a "little something-something."
      • 2014, Jason Roberts & ‎Stacey Colino, Good Food--Fast!, →ISBN:
        It's just a little something-something. This way, I'm able to control my sweet tooth.
    2. Something special such as a gift or extra money.
      • 2013, Alex Alvarez, The One: A Gay Fable, →ISBN, page 80:
        And I'm optimistic that you got something nice for us, 'cause I ain't sitting out here all day without a little something-something.”
      • 2013, Charmaine R. Parker, The Trophy Wives: A Novel, →ISBN, page 233:
        Perhaps Ian had alerted Trevor to her outlandish splurging, and he'd downsized her allowance. Since she had a little something-something to work with, she'd sneak in a few outings while in L.A. ...
      • 2013, Joe Wiebe, Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider's Guide to B.C. Breweries, →ISBN, page 182:
        This Kölsch-style ale is as close as you'll get to a lager from Nelson Brewing, and the toasted hemp seeds add a little something-something.
      • 2015, Allison Hobbs & ‎Karen E. Quinones Miller, Hittin' It Out the Park, →ISBN, page 74:
        Well, you'd have to give my friend something since she's the one who booked the gigs, and I think I deserve a little something-something.
    3. A situation
      • 2008, Dante Elgin, Djinn on the Rocks, →ISBN, page 74:
        Said he saw a little something-something happen in this building and would only talk to me.
      • 2010, Darren Crockett, CheapSkate, →ISBN, page 5:
        "I ran into a little something-something," Lamont replied.
      • 2011, Adam Levin, The Instructions, →ISBN:
        “And if Miss Pinge thinks something's something, well...a little something-something we might have indeed.”
    4. A sexual encounter.
      • 2011, Laurie McElroy, Hannah Montana: Wishful Thinking, →ISBN:
        “Come on, baby,” Oliver continued. “Give me a little something-something.”
      • 2013, Liz Talley, His Uptown Girl, →ISBN, page 31:
        It wasn't as if he hadn't had fantasies about a little something-something with a client or two.
      • 2014, Shane Colwell, Tsunami Eyes, →ISBN, page 139:
        A little something-something to break in the new place.
    5. An affair or extramarital sexual partner.
      • 2011, Persia Walker, Black Orchid Blues, →ISBN, page 153:
        I thought he was having an affair, had a little something-something stashed away on the side.
      • 2014, Lisa Renee Jones, Infinite Possibilities, →ISBN, page 36:
        Luke's hand settles on my waist and he leans in to whisper, “Your mom got a little something-something going on the side?
    6. Something illegal.
      • 2010, Alana Reneé, Concealed Weapons, →ISBN:
        Nothing they found stuck to this kid, but things were about to change. NPD was planning a little something-something for the boy's hind parts.
      • 2010, Mark C. Mallory, The Chronicles of Mann Book 1, →ISBN:
        {You know, a little something-something for the head, alright!} {Give them hot-in-the-ass-bitches a line an blow this joint; take a ride a go get a little something-something for the head, you know what I mean?}
      • 2012, Liz Talley, Under the Autumn Sky, →ISBN:
        “Yo, Coach D, you want me to see if Doc will give me a little something-something for first half?”
    7. A so-and-so.
      • 1980, Dennis Wheatley, The deception planners: my secret war, page 198:
        If I have the good luck to get near any of those so-and-sos, my boots are good enough for me. I'll kick the something-somethings where it tickles most.'
      • 1995, Jamie Foster Brown, S2S Magazine - Volume 7, Issues 1-6, page 10:
        Romeo said he was excellent in math, although when I gave him a math percentage problem, he couldn't do it, because their 3-hour a day tutorhadn't gotten them that far, yet. I'm such a devil, but they were gracious little "something-somethings" the whole time.
      • 2005, Kathleen Rooney, Reading with Oprah: The Book Club that Changed America, →ISBN, page 111:
        You're nothing but a something-something bookworm.

Usage notes[edit]

This term is used primarily, although not exclusively, in the phrase "a little something-something".