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Alternative forms[edit]


turtle +‎ back


turtleback (plural turtlebacks)

  1. Anything having the shape of a turtle's back (that is, its shell).
    • 1975, Poul Anderson, The Winter of the World
      Up he went on concrete stairs that were eroded to turtlebacks and slippery with evening's frost []
  2. (nautical) A convex deck at the bow or stern of a vessel, designed to shed seawater quickly.
  3. A primitive stone celt of a form suggesting the back of a turtle.
  4. A library binding of a mass market paperback with a generic hardcover.
    (The addition of quotations indicative of this usage is being sought):
    • 1995, The Georgia Librarian (volumes 32-34)
      When you order Turtleback Books from Baker & Taylor, you can be assured you get Turtlebacks!
  5. Any plant of the genus Psathyrotes of annual and perennial forbs and low subshrubs native to dry areas of southwestern North America.

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