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Latin typus



typus m

  1. Archaic form of typ.

Further reading[edit]

  • typus in Příruční slovník jazyka českého, 1935–1957
  • typus in Slovník spisovného jazyka českého, 1960–1971, 1989


Alternative forms[edit]


From Ancient Greek τῠ́πος (túpos, mark”, “impression”, “type), from τῠ́πτω (túptō, I strike, beat).



typus m (genitive typī); second declension

  1. figure, image
    1. bas-relief
    2. (surveying) ground-plan
    3. (Medieval Latin) a mystical figure or symbol, a prefiguration or portent
  2. type, form, sort, kind
  3. (medicine) form, type, or character of a fever
    1. (Medieval Latin) a periodic fever
  4. (New Latin, numismatics) a coin die
  5. (New Latin) a printing form or font die
    1. (singular only, collectively) literature, printed material, books
    2. (plural only, as typī, typōrum) a printing house, a printery
      Typis Archicœnobii Montis Casini [1]
      from the Printing House of the Archabbey of Monte Cassino
  6. (New Latin, taxonomy, zoology) When it is the specific epithet of a binomial name, indicates it is the type species.


Second-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative typus typī
Genitive typī typōrum
Dative typō typīs
Accusative typum typōs
Ablative typō typīs
Vocative type typī



  • Catalan: tipus
  • English: type
  • French: type
    • Polish: typ
    • Romanian: tip


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