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  1. (historical) A unit of dry volume used in Sweden (halvspann in Swedish) and Finland before introduction of metric system. There has been regional and temporal variation, but the 1665 regulation defined it so that it's equal to 36.64 liters, which is quite close to an imperial bushel (36.3687 l).
  2. A type of wooden container of varying size, made of bent thin board to make it strong and light, and equipped with a close fitting cap.
  3. (by extension) Any roundish, voluminous container equipped with a cap.


Inflection of vakka (Kotus type 9/kala, kk-k gradation)
nominative vakka vakat
genitive vakan vakkojen
partitive vakkaa vakkoja
illative vakkaan vakkoihin
singular plural
nominative vakka vakat
accusative nom. vakka vakat
gen. vakan
genitive vakan vakkojen
partitive vakkaa vakkoja
inessive vakassa vakoissa
elative vakasta vakoista
illative vakkaan vakkoihin
adessive vakalla vakoilla
ablative vakalta vakoilta
allative vakalle vakoille
essive vakkana vakkoina
translative vakaksi vakoiksi
instructive vakoin
abessive vakatta vakoitta
comitative vakkoineen

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