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wap (plural waps)

  1. (Britain, dialect) A blow or beating; a whap.
  2. (colloquial) A breast.


wap (third-person singular simple present waps, present participle wapping, simple past and past participle wapped)

  1. (Britain, dialect) To beat; to whap.
    • 1485, Malory, Sir Thomas, “How king Arthur commanded to cast his sword Excalibur into the water and how he was delivered to ladies in a barge”, in Le Morte d'Arthur[1], London: MacMillan & Co, published 1919, book 21, chapter 5, page 480:
      Sir, he said, I saw nothing but the waters wap and the waves wan.
  2. (obsolete, Britain, thieves' cant) To engage in sexual intercourse.
    • 1611, Middleton, Thomas, “The Roaring Girl”, in Bullen, Arthur Henry, editor, The Works of Thomas Middleton[2], volume 4, published 1885, Act 5, Scene 1, pages 128–129:
      Ben mort, shall you and I heave a bough, mill a ken, or nip a bung, and then we'll couch a hogshead under the ruffmans, and there you shall wap with me, and I'll niggle with you.
    • 1707, Shirley, John, “The Maunder's Praise of his Strowling Mort”, in The Triumph of Wit:
      No gentry mort hath prats like thine, / No cove e'er wap'd with such a one.
    • 1988, Wertenbaker, Timberlake, Our Country's Good, Act 2, Scene 1:
      Liz, he says, why trine for a make, when you can wap for a winne. I'm no dimber mort, I says. Don't ask you to be a swell mollisher, sister, coves want Miss Laycock, don't look at your mug. So I begin to sell my mother of saints.


Derived terms[edit]


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  1. foot


  • Chris Rogers, The Use and Development of the Xinkan Languages


Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-Malayic *uap, from Proto-Malayo-Chamic *uap, from Proto-Malayo-Sumbawan *uap, from Proto-Sunda-Sulawesi *uab.



wap (Jawi spelling واڤ)

  1. steam (water vapor)