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From hinn (the).


-inn m, -in f, -ið n

  1. marks definiteness of a noun; the
    Maðurinn er hávaxinn.
    The man is tall.
    Ég elska barn mitt.
    I love my child.
    Hvar er hesturinn minn?
    Where is my horse?

Old Norse[edit]


From Proto-Norse *-īna- (*-īna-), from Proto-Germanic *-īnaz. Originally, this suffix was used to create adjectives that refer to materials, such as Old Norse eikinn (oaken), from eik (oak) and gullinn (golden), from gull (gold). Later, use of this suffix was extended to create adjectives from verbs, such as Old Norse lyginn (prone to lying), from ljúga (to lie).[1]


-inn m, -in f, -it n

  1. suffix used to create adjectives from nouns and verbs


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