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From the suffix -ade which is commonly applied to fruits to create terms indicating drinks made from those fruits.


ade (plural ades)

  1. A drink made from a fruit.
    • 1895, John G Bourke, Folk-foods of the Rio Grande Valley of Northern Mexico, page 61:
      To come to the tables or stands : they were loaded with chocolate, coffee, agua de miel, pulque, mescal, orchatas of several kinds, all the lemon and other "ades" already described, as well as all the cakes and candies, []
    • 1905, American Bottler, volume 25, page 74:
      If the judgment of the above-mentioned office be correct, in truth, no drink may here be offered to the public as lemonade unless it is made out of fresh fruit! And so with raspberryade and all the other "ades."




  1. (cardinal) six



ade ?

  1. weed (unwanted plant)

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